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Welcome to Grey Matters Journal! We are an undergraduate neuroscience journal at the University of Washington that produces professional, visually appealing journals that are available in print and online free of cost. We are committed to fostering public interest in neuroscience, promoting scientific literacy, and developing skills in scientific communication, critical reading, and informative illustration. We ask that interested individuals review the following information before applying to write, edit, illustrate, or design for the journal.


Articles written for the journal have covered topics ranging from consciousness to the neuroscience behind jazz improvisation to Alzheimer’s Disease. Many things involve the brain, and we accept a wide range of topics in psychology, behavior, and neurobiology. Because we are committed to the development of scientific communication skills among undergraduates, we ask that individuals interested in writing for the journal submit article proposals, rather than written articles. If the proposal is accepted, authors are placed into a group of editors and artists to develop a finished piece for publication. Drafts of articles will be reviewed by editors, the leadership team, and finally, graduate students at the University of Washington. Authors must be willing to accept edits and work collaboratively in teams to produce a high-quality, finished piece. Here is a list of past topics that have been covered in previous issues.


Editors are at the core of the Grey Matters publication process. Editors must be willing to critically read drafts of articles for scientific accuracy, ease of understanding, flow, and grammar. Core editors lead groups of 2-3 authors and 4-6 editors, and are expected to monitor the progress of these articles and act as a liaison between authors, editors, artists, and the leadership team.

If you have worked as a Grey Matters editor before and are interested in a core editing position, please email us at [email protected]


Grey Matters is a unique scientific journal in large part due to the high-quality illustrations that accompany each article. Artists work closely with both their assigned authors and the Grey Matters art director to produce illustrations in a variety of mediums for the journal. Please review previous issues of Grey Matters to see the variety of illustrations we have printed in the past.


Grey Matters strives to constantly improve and be the best, most educational, and most beautiful publication in our category. Layout design is essential towards delivering the incredible work produced by our undergraduates in an enjoyable and digestible way. Designers work closely with the Grey Matters design director to lay out each issue.


If you do not wish to directly contribute to the journal, but are still interested in promoting the Grey Matters mission, we have many ongoing projects, ranging from fundraisers to event organization that you can get involved with.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions at [email protected].