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The Mosaic Brain

Our brains are a work of art, a mosaic of unique cells with incredible genetic diversity. How do these cells lead to differences in behavior? Do they lead to any differences at all? Learn more about the connection between mutations in the brain and their functional result.

Dive Into the Mind of an Octopus

Octopuses are highly intelligent creatures. Explore the mechanisms behind their advanced cognitive abilities and discover how they compare to mechanisms of human intelligence.

Feeding Behavior

What drives our desire to eat? Learn about the neural circuits that mediate reward and affect feeding behaviors, as well as the health consequences when these systems go awry.

Open Your Mind: Understanding Implicit Bias

Discrimination continues to divide our country. Implicit bias underlies our conscious awareness and has great power to influence our attitudes and behavior. Find out how implicit bias plays a role in shaping our behavior toward different groups.

Walking Away from Parkinson’s

Recent work has revealed a potential new therapy for Parkinson’s treatment. Find out how a simple exercise uses the brain’s own repair mechanism to reverse Parkinson’s symptoms.

Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier

The blood brain barrier protects the brain from pathogens, but it also makes drug delivery difficult. Learn how the innovative development of nanoswimmers may overcome this challenge and change the future of neuromedicine.

Teaching Machines

Modern algorithms can accomplish impressive feats but have significant limitations. Explore how neuroscience inspires machine learning and offers potential solutions to the current limitations of computers.

In Living Memory: Understanding Hyperthymesia

Individuals with hyperthymesia possess a superior autobiographical memory. Discover how this extreme case of memory retention works and its potential implications for treating disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.