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Up and Running

Athletes often use the term “runner’s high” to describe their positive post-workout feelings. But what exactly are the neural mechanisms that cause runner’s high? Explore the neuroscience behind this exercise phenomenon.

Speak Your Mind

Inner speech is thought to be significant for memory and self-awareness, but what role does it play in schizophrenia and Autism Spectrum Disorders? Dive in to discover a possible link between inner speech and mental disorders.

Non-Invasive Deep Brain Stimulation

Deep Brain Stimulation is a hot topic in current neuroscience, but despite the benefits, the required neurosurgery can lead to many complications. Read about an emerging non-invasive technique and its potential applications.

In Your Dreams: Insights from Dream Research

Dreams have intrigued scientists for decades, but the question of why we dream remains unanswered. Learn about the connection between neural processes and our dreams, as well as two popular theories about the purpose of dreaming.

The Mosaic Brain

Our brains are a work of art, a mosaic of unique cells with incredible genetic diversity. How do these cells lead to differences in behavior? Do they lead to any differences at all? Learn more about the connection between mutations in the brain and their functional result.

Dive Into the Mind of an Octopus

Octopuses are highly intelligent creatures. Explore the mechanisms behind their advanced cognitive abilities and discover how they compare to mechanisms of human intelligence.

Feeding Behavior

What drives our desire to eat? Learn about the neural circuits that mediate reward and affect feeding behaviors, as well as the health consequences when these systems go awry.

Open Your Mind: Understanding Implicit Bias

Discrimination continues to divide our country. Implicit bias underlies our conscious awareness and has great power to influence our attitudes and behavior. Find out how implicit bias plays a role in shaping our behavior toward different groups.