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Issue 17


Sub-Saharan African tribes use scarification as a rite of passage for milestones such as transitioning into adulthood [1]. Along with... Read more →

A Gut Feeling

Bacteria have a historically well-deserved bad rap. After all, they make us sick and spoil our food. Therefore, a natural... Read more →

Taken In Context

It is freshman year and you stand in the middle of a crowded Chi Upsilon Eta fraternity party. Music is... Read more →

How the Nose Knows

Imagine walking into a house and smelling warm cookies. First, you know that you smell something. Then, you recognize the... Read more →

The Neuroaesthetics of Dance

Neuroaesthetics—an emerging discipline of neuroscience—focuses on the biological bases of aesthetic experiences. One branch of neuroaesthetics focuses on the neurological... Read more →