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Issue 12

An Exploration of Acupuncture

Cultures and traditions continue to transcend borders as our world becomes more connected. With an increasing flow of novel practices,... Read more →

OCD and the Immune System

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder in which a person experiences excessive unwanted thoughts, urges, or impulses that may... Read more →

A Brain Divided

A frequently misquoted myth about the brain is that scientists and researchers are “left-brained” and artists and writers are “right-brained.”... Read more →

The Brain on Porn

Since the advent of the internet, pornography’s involvement in the lives of the public continues to increase. 66% of men... Read more →

The Opioid Epidemic

Our country is in a crisis. It dwells in our rural towns and inner cities. It resides in affluent suburbs... Read more →

Walking Away from Parkinson’s

Recent work has revealed a potential new therapy for Parkinson’s treatment. Find out how a simple exercise uses the brain’s own repair mechanism to reverse Parkinson’s symptoms.

Crossing the Blood Brain Barrier

The blood brain barrier protects the brain from pathogens, but it also makes drug delivery difficult. Learn how the innovative development of nanoswimmers may overcome this challenge and change the future of neuromedicine.

Teaching Machines

Modern algorithms can accomplish impressive feats but have significant limitations. Explore how neuroscience inspires machine learning and offers potential solutions to the current limitations of computers.

In Living Memory: Understanding Hyperthymesia

Individuals with hyperthymesia possess a superior autobiographical memory. Discover how this extreme case of memory retention works and its potential implications for treating disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.