Motor Conversion Disorder

Motor conversion disorder is a subset of conversion disorder, which is one of the most common psychiatric diagnoses in neurology;... Read more →

Swell! Expansion Microscopy

        Companies boasting about their diapers’ comfort, mobility, and, most importantly, absorbency, represent the hallmark of any respected diaper brand.... Read more →

How the Brain Learns Addiction

A Brain Designed For Addiction A quick Google search for “addiction” gives over 800 million results in less than a... Read more →

Like, Comment, Subscribe

The boom of the digital age and social media revolution has been a significant phenomenon in human history. As digital... Read more →

The Spoken Bird

With about 10,000 species, birds make up one of the most diverse classes in the animal kingdom. While one may... Read more →

Computing a Better Diagnosis

Although the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has helped standardize the diagnosis of mental health disorders, it fails to fully consider the biological bases of these conditions. Explore how the field of computational psychiatry is overcoming the DSM’s shortcomings in order to improve diagnoses and treatments.

Biomaterial Scaffolds

Spinal cord injuries can be devastating for patients, but research is constantly uncovering new treatments. Read about the promising research on biomaterial scaffolds, an emerging technology with great healing potential.

Bug Off: The Neural Effects of Insecticides

Insecticides disrupt nervous system function, making them very effective at killing their targets. However, they also have the potential to harm other organisms. Discover the mechanisms by which insecticides operate and consider the unintended consequences of their use.