October 03, 2013

The purpose of tonight’s meeting was to introduce Grey Matters to interested new members. Benjamin Cordy, Jesse Miles, and Kayla Ritchie presented information about the organization, its history, mission, and goals. Click here to see the accompanying powerpoint presentation.

The main points of the presentation:

  1. The mission of Grey Matters is to promote neuroscience to the broader community and support aspiring neuroscientists.
  2. Grey Matters encourages participation from all majors. It is not necessary to be a Neurobiology major to get involved.
  3. Among the major reasons to get involved: develop peer networks with other neuroscience enthusiasts, expose yourself to the neuroscience community, develop unique and remarkable experience (people are impressed by involvement in Grey Matters), and connect the public and scientific communities – to help foster an appreciation for science.
  4. The various roles and responsibilities in which people can get involved: author, editor, blog writer, illustrator, layout, marketing, and finance.
  5. Grey Matters has weekly meetings. General meetings, from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m., are focused on administration. Typically, the topics include planning for upcoming deadlines, events, and publications. Collaboration meetings, from 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m., are times designated for working on the publication. Authors, editors, and illustrators will meet to work on their articles. There will also be periodic trainings on journalistic writing and editing during these times.
  6. Those interested in becoming Grey Matters officers and taking a leadership role should discuss their interest and background with Benjamin and Jesse. Anyone interested should email thalamus@uw.edu.
  7. Discussion of how to submit article proposals (Download the Article Proposal Form and submit a completed proposal through the online form on this page.) Remember that proposals are due October 17, 2013.
  8. Next week’s topics include: planning next issue, upcoming exposure events (tabling, building an optical illusion), planning a launch party.

During the meeting, there was free pizza and brain cupcakes. Prizes included stickers and t-shirts. Though Benjamin Cordy had several good brain puns (and some terrible ones), Kayla Ritchie won the night with the best pun (…potential to action).

There were approximately 30 people who attended the meeting.

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