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Art by Cassandra Chee

How Neurons Behave as we Form Memories

One of the things that pushed me toward neuroscience was the desire to understand memory and how we …

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The "Magic" Behind Magic Mushrooms

Take a moment to read these quotations:
“I try to judge less and forgive more. I no …

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Art Neureau 2015

On a lovely Tuesday evening, a unique art event took place in the Fremont Abbey Arts …

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Decisions, Decisions...

How did you get here? Every person who is reading this article made a different set …

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Evening with Neuroscience 2015

Come learn more about the brain from a panel of UW neuroscientists.

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Photo Courtesy of Ying Chen

Alien Hand Syndrome

It’s a disorder that makes you fling your cereal away, undress yourself in public, steal merchandise, …

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