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In the Memory of Henry Molaison

What H.M. lost, we now know, was a critical part of his identity. —Dr. Thomas Carew Scientists have grappled with... Read more →

The living memory

Kicking off this year’s SfN Presidential Special Lecture series, Dr. Kelsey Martin presented her work exploring the molecular contributions to memory... Read more →

SfN, Day 4

Mechanisms of Adult Neuroplasticity Those who have been reading carefully these past few days may have noticed the emergence of... Read more →

SfN, Day 3

Dr. Jeff Lichtman’s Presidential Lecture on Connectomics It is clear that not all wiring in our nervous system is genetic.... Read more →

SfN, Day 2

Today’s topic of interest was Learning and Memory – particularly the ways in which memories are stored. For many years it was... Read more →

SfN, Day 1

How to Make a Midbrain: Today at sfn, I attended a symposium on the mechanisms guiding physiological changes in the... Read more →