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A Bee's Perspective: Cocaine and Reward ...

Cocaine affects reward processing in the brain resulting in feelings of well-being and euphoria.

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Taenia solium, the pork tapeworm. Image source: Wikipedia.

Tapeworms on the Brain

For most people, the mere thought of a parasite setting up residence in their tissues is …

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Know Your Claustrum

Know Your Claustrum!

Figure 1 A general schematic of the claustrum, as shown in the Crick and Koch paper …

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Meditation: Mind Over [White] Matter

It has long been thought that behaviors involving diet and exercise can be used to change …

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Valentines Blog_withFigures

Love Actually (it's neuroscience)

Love is an insane neurochemical flood.
For those of us lucky enough to have experienced it, this …

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sleep deprevation image

To Sleep or Not to Sleep: That is the Co...

Ironically, I am currently in Odegaard, the University of Washington’s 24-hour library, writing an article about …

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